What is mangarising.com
  • mangarising.com is here to bring you the best quality localized manga in an easily accessible digital format. With our wide range of manga, you can be sure to find exactly the right manga for you! Our goal is to help our readers explore the rich and exciting world of Japanese manga to their liking. We offer all manga for free, so with just one tap you can dive right in and start finding your next favorite series right away! Click here to sign up for mangarising.com and start your journey on mangarising.com
Is mangarising.com free?
  • mangarising.com is completely free for you, our valued readers, and offers quality content. Our aim is to provide the best service to our readers and to do this for free. mangarising.com is a non-profit organization, earning money only through advertisements.
How do I know if and when my favorite mangas have been updated?
  • You can know the manga you have added to your favorites via e-mail or by following the notifications in your account.
How do I bookmark the chapter I’m reading now, so I can pick up my reading from there next time?
  • See the “Bookmark it” button beside your manga page? Click it to bookmark the page if you’re logged in. You can view all your history views in the “Bookmark” page. Not registered? Easy. Sign up now.